Saturday, April 13, 2013

Charmed, I'm Sure

When I teach, I wear a tee-shirt that coordinates with the lesson. Last week's lesson was about decorated and illuminated initials. I wore my Scarlet Letter tee shirt, a souvenir from a visit to Salem, Massachusetts. Usually no one notices my wardrobe is lesson coordinated, but last week as part of the class, we went to look at The Scarlet Letter in the 20 th. century gallery at the Worcester Art Museum. One of my students made the connection.

This week's lesson is more illuminated and decorated initials because they are too fun and add punch to a calligraphic piece. Unfortunately for me, the other tee shirt that coordinates with this lesson must have shrunk in the wash. What to do, because they will expect me to be lesson coordinated?

On a trip to Michael's I came across a small, picture frame charm measuring 1 1/4 in. square. Perfect. The students will be drawing Lombardic Versals so I came up with this little monogram. Looks a bit like Finding Nemo, but it will do.

And what tee shirt will I wear? A Doctor Who shirt done in the style of Alphonse Mucha.

Pigma Pen, Derwent Watercolor pencil, Schminke Gold watercolor.