Friday, April 5, 2013

The Friday Five

Black Lambie Cake looked more like Rowlf the Muppet
Five surprising things that happened this week

1. Himself was doing the taxes and found The Eldest can no longer be declared a dependent. Odd that she can still be covered under our health insurance until she is 26. Go figure!

2. Wednesday, The Leaf Lady called me on the telephone. Hand to Gawd, she did! She hasn't spoken to me in 22 years, but she called on Wednesday. When I saw her name come up on Caller ID my first thought was "I wonder what the %^$#% she's calling to complain about now?" Yes, I was very civil and polite to her. She called to let me know...

3. My elderly neighbor, Prissy, was taken by ambulance Wednesday afternoon.

4. Prissy called me from the hospital on Thursday. Poor old lady fell and broke her leg. She had tried to call me, but couldn't manage her cellphone so she finally pressed her LifeLine button and got emergency services. Guess I won't be having weekly tea with Prissy for awhile. She said she was going to rehab.

5. The doctor's office my parents used to visit called. My parents have been in the nursing home for two years and haven't seen this doctor in all that time. I wasn't able to take the call, and the office never left a message. I wonder if someone butt dialed me?

Any surprises for you this week?


  1. My theory is we should be able to claim taxes on our offspring through retirement:)

  2. Yeah, kind of a bummer when they're no longer deductible! LOL