Saturday, October 25, 2014

I Hear You Knocking

2:30 AM. I was awakened by someone knocking on a door. 4 raps. The girlies are night owls so I thought someone was rapping on the bathroom door to get someone out. And then in mama mode I thought someone had knocked on our bedroom door.

"What's the matter?"

The Eldest was in the hallway.  "I was listening to some music and someone knocked on my door. But when I opened it, no one was there."

"Maybe it was someone tapping on the window," Himself  added not very helpfully.

"Then you best get up and go take a look see."

Himself's remark really upset the Eldest.  "There was a knock on the door."

"I heard it, too. I thought it was you."

"I thought it was you. This is really weird"

"Where's Ink? It was probably him. Earlier in the day, he was sitting by your door wanting to get in. And this is the time he usually comes around looking for cuddles."

Himself's reconnoiter turned up nothing. (Thankfully!) We headed back to our rooms, and the Eldest found Ink happily nestled on a pile of clothing on her bedroom floor.

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