Sunday, November 23, 2014

Watson, Come Here. I Don't Need You

I finally ditched the landline. I'd been thinking about doing it for a long time. Seemed silly to pay for something that wasn't really used. Most of the calls were from telemarketers. I also had a distinctive ring number for the FAX machine which I've only used a half dozen times. That was disconnected, too.

The girlies use their cellphones to text or Skype with their friends. (Himself is a Luddite and doesn't like using a phone, land or cell.)

 I pretty much transfer all the house calls to my cellphone. I got into the habit of having calls transferred when my parents were in the nursing home as I would get calls from the nursing home staff several times a week (a day!). I also like knowing instantly who's calling me. Call me often enough and you get your own ring tone.

Do you still have a landline?


  1. Hey CJ, How are you? We ditched ours years ago and don't miss it. We did get a chuckle when we moved into the new house. The previous owners left one on the wall by the toilet.

    1. Welcome back, Sandra. A phone, but the toilet? :-D I don't think I've ever been that busy that I needed to answer a phone when I'm otherwise occupied

  2. We need a landline over the pond here to get Sky TV, but otherwise we would probably do what you do. btw, I remember when our kids had a phone like that in the pic, that brought back some memories :-)

  3. We dropped our landline about 4 months ago. We all have cell phones and were paying for a home phone, too??? There was just no reason to keep it anylonger.

  4. I don't like talking on my cell. Half the time the other person's provider drops the calls (only happens with certain people) or there's that annoying 'delay' thing, or the person you're talking to is standing outside in the wind and all you hear is the howl.......and I just find the shape of the phone uncomfortable......hmmmm. I think I might be cranky right now....never mind..... :-/