Saturday, February 7, 2015

Snow Problem

Snow Problem

While we were shoveling, Himself wondered how much snow he had shoveled. Those are the kinds of things a mathlete thinks about. He decided to give his students an extra credit problem based on the following data. Can you solve the problems? Don't forget to show your work.


Driveway                                               rectangle 95 ft x 17 ft
Avg snow depth - Storm 1/27/2015     24 in.
Avg snow depth - Storm 2/2/2015       15 in
1 shovel of snow                                   1 bucket
bucket                                                   cylinder: 35 cm in length and 30 cm in diameter
mass of bucket                                      1.9 lbs
mass of bucket + snow                         10.1 lbs
time shoveling snow - Storm 1             4.5 hrs
time shoveling snow - Storm 2             4.0 hrs
Calories burned shoveling by
hand                                                      549 Cal/hr

What is the total volume of snow on the driveway for the two storms, (in cm3)?
What is the volume of 1 bucket of snow, (in cm3)?

What is the total number of shovels of snow for the two storms?

What is the mass, in grams, of snow in 1 bucket?

What is the average density of the snow, (in g/cm3)?

What is the total mass of snow shoveled in the two storms, (in metric tonnes)?

How many Calories did I burn while shoveling for the two storms?


  1. When I was in high school I would have been so excited to work through this problem. Today, surfing the web is much more attractive than exercising my brain.

    1. :-D My answer: I was an English major. You do the math

  2. OMG! My head hurts just reading the questions! :(