Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sumo Orange

Last week, I mentioned we found Sumo oranges at the store. They look like little sumo wrestlers and even have a top knot. You half expect the orange to stamp its feet to ward off evil spirits.

The skin is very wrinkled, but very easy to peel. Inside, the fruit looks like an ordinary (large) orange. The taste is a bit sweeter than a regular orange, and it's seedless.

Have you ever had a Sumo orange?


  1. Never come across these CJ, but they sound delicious :-)

    1. They are not real pretty looking though they are cute, but they eat right fine.

  2. I like Ugli fruit, but have not seen any lately. Michele G, with an AKA

  3. Down here they're called Honeybells. And they are YUMMY!

  4. I saw these this weekend but couldn't quite bring myself to try them. Since you've put your seal of approval on them, I will.