Monday, June 8, 2015

Index Card A Day 2015 - Cards 2 - 6

Remember I said I was just going to jump into the Index Card A Day Challenge? Just start from the day I heard about the challenge and not worry about missing the first few days. I lied. I made up the missing days because it was more fun to create art than clean the house.

I found a small, photobook  no longer being used. That will house the cards. Flipping pages will be easier to see the art than rifling through a card box. Because of the protective pages, won't have to laminate the cards so they can be handled.

The chevron card will be the title page of the book.  I used the prompts from the challenge. Cards were drawn with Sharpie pen, watercolor pencil, Schminke Gold Perl gouache.

Map - From a Bostonian Point of View


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  1. Fun! They're all great. I think my favorite though is the carousel horse. Love them!