Monday, June 29, 2015

Legacy Box - Customer Service

At the beginning of the month, I talked about my experience with Legacy Box I sent some home movies (8 mm film, VHS) to be converted to digital. Everything was fine, except I couldn't make copies of the discs.

Cellphone reception in the basement near my computer is sporadic.Fortunately, LegacyBox has a chat customer service tab. Type your question and you'll instantly be connected to a customer service rep to chat with in real time.

I explained my problem to Kent. I thought perhaps, LB had a proprietary copyright on their disc. He said no. He asked if I had checked off the box to have digitial files discs so that I could edit, share, upload. What box? In my enthusiasm to send the films, I must not have paid attention when I was filling out my order.

He said I could have those files made. How much was this going to cost? It would be free. It's a complimentary service that's offered. Great! Instantly, Kent sent a pre-printed, return shipping lable. Free return shipping! Pack everything up in the box, slap on the shipping label, drop off at FedEx or the post office.

Dealing with customer service was easy. Quick, no hassle, no argument. I do love a company that caters to its customers.

I'm so happy with the results (Remember the images are only digitized. They are not remastered). I now have precious memories that I can watch and share with other family members. Thank you Legacy Box

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  1. Glad it worked out for you. Some of the reviews had me wondering....