Sunday, October 2, 2016

Bee Pollen

While helping Red sell raffle tickets at Waters Farm Days, I had a chance to mill around checking out vendors. The local beekeeper was across from the raffle table. I was low on honey and wanted to buy local honey for the added benefit of dealing with seasonal allergies.

Among his goods were some jars of bee pollen. He explained to me bee pollen is the pollen collected by the bees and used as food in the hive. Supposedly, the benefits for reducing with seasonal allergies are greater with the bee pollen than honey. He poured some granules into my hand so I could have a taste. The taste is a little gritty with a hint of sweetness and a floral note.

He said you could mix the granules in tea, yogurt, smoothies. It could be used for a topping on oatmeal, salads.

I tried a little in a cup of tea, but it was chalky so won't do that again. This morning I sprinkled some on English muffins. Much better.

Have you tried bee pollen?

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  1. Never tried it but I'm curious to know if it works. Keep us posted!