Sunday, October 9, 2016

Consensus on Couscous

I found a Basic Couscous recipe. The only changes made were since I was serving this as a side with steak, I used beef bouillion instead of chicken bouillion. I also added a teaspoon of salt. I like bland, but pasta is flat without salt and I imagine couscous is the same way. I used the whole package. It was very easy to prepare.

The taste? Meh. Without doctoring the package, it would have been too bland. I don't care for hot and spicy, but a little seasoning is needed. The texture was like damp bread crumbs. Maybe because the couscous was also whole wheat with flax seed.

Couscous. Not my food. Give me plain, old durem semolina pasta any day and twice on Sunday.


  1. Couscous is not my favorite either. Mashed potatoes are better. :)

  2. I'm with you CJ! Couscous is very 'meh'!