Friday, October 16, 2009

The Friday Five

The weather widget is showing light snow for tonight. Unusual to have snow so early. Ground is still too warm for it to stick, but the coming cold weather is making me run for my creature comforts: polartec sweater, winter fuglies with sherpa lining, and polartec fingerless gloves along with copious amounts of the ultimate hand warmer and comfort: tea. Five of my favorite tea flavors.

1. Earl Grey, a true classic and a fragrant aroma. My all time favorite. Still trying to get the microwave to deliver when I say, "Earl Grey, hot."

2. Vanilla tea. Very comforting and my new favorite. I use French Vanilla Splenda for coffee to flavor the tea. If I run out of French Vanilla Splenda, a teaspoon of vanilla extract does the trick.

3. Tetley tea bags. The old standby.

4. Chai tea. Cardamom, cinnamon and spices. The ultimate Lahdidah.

5. Apple Cinnamon. Nice change of pace even if it's herbal (no caffeine)

When the weather turns cold, what do you turn to for comfort?


  1. When it gets cold I like to get out my fun fuzzy socks, lots of different colors.

    Cheese soup in a bread bowl is my favorite change in menu.

    And hot chocolate! I have a recipe to make my own mix and now my guys don't even want any store stuff in the house.

  2. I used to switch to turtle neck shirts before hot flashes dictated otherwise! sherpa socks are a must though.

    I think Linda should share her hot chocolate recipe... I've been lost since Hershey stopped making theirs. It was bad enough when they stopped shipping it to the west! (not a fan of their specialty stuff, I just liked their ordinary milk mate).
    yup, on my laptop and can't remember my password so my name will show up!

  3. Here is my recipe for hot chocolate mix. I have been using it since 1981 which explains the measurements, Quick doesn't come in 2 lb any more.

    8 qts worth powdered milk
    6 oz creamer
    2 lbs Nestles Quick or any powdered chocolate milk mix
    1/2 cup powdered sugar

    Sift everything together. I store mine in a 5 qt ice cream pail.

    2-3 tsp mix/cup of water-to taste. Enjoy!

  4. Thanks Linda! I will have to try it! maybe a smaller batch to start ;o) I have had to make do with either Tim Horton's hot chocolate mix or some I bring up from Mexico occasionally. I read the ingredients of the Tim Horton's the other day and decided maybe I wouldn't buy it anymore....

  5. Flannel sheets and the DOWN comforter with flannel duvets! And never complain about "special" cocoa or Warm cider... the real stuff, not powdered... As for tea, lately, I'm drinkin' blueberry.