Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drawing Class - Second Portait

After the critique and the model's break, we were back to drawing. The model was sitting with her head downand downcast eyes. I tried to draw her in large scale, but couldn't seem to get the proportions right. So I scaled down and was gently reprimanded for going back to my comfort zone. Lol.
While working close to my drawing, I was convinced I had the correct tilt to the head , but stepping back saw that was not so.
This drawing is "better". Recognizable as human though seems to have a china doll or Stepford wife quality. Still did an awesome job with her hair. Lol.
Have you ever tried to do something out of your comfort zone, but then reverted to your old, comfortable ways?


  1. Yep, when things get tense, I want to revert to my comfort zone.

    I'm so glad you took this class. :)

  2. You are brave to take this class and even show us your work. This picture makes me want to know more about her.

    I bet we all revert back to our comfortable ways in times of stress.

  3. Isn't it human nature? Isn't that yo-yo dieting? Comfort is good. Change is hard and takes time. That's why you are my hero!

  4. BTW, I see improvement. :)