Friday, October 9, 2009

The Friday Five

Last week, I took a workshop on blogging your art though what I learned could also be applied to good and services offered. So, five things I learned about blogging your art, goods, or services.
1. A blog is a cheap (read free) way to get your art, goods, or services on line.
2. Blog five days per week, Mon. through Fri., in order to get a following of readers. If you're not blogging frequently no one will bother to come back to look at your blog.
3. Blog a mix of your work and personal or fun stuff. Topics should include a little something for everyone.
4. If you can't think of anything to blog, you can always find a quote of the day, word of the day, or a meme (a topic like The Friday Five or Five Random Things About Me)
5. You can schedule blogs ahead of time. Pick a slow time in your schedule (maybe Sat or Sun afternoon) and write your blog posts for the week. Schedule your blogs to post in the wee hours of the morning so the majority of your readers will hit your blog with their morning coffee.
Do you have any other tips about blogging?


  1. Follow other people's blogs, make appropriate comments, and join in the blogging community.


  2. I'm not allowed to blog because the legal world hasn't kept up with the electronic world. However, my advice. I NEED your blogs! :) You must Weeble on for us all! Do what you must to make it happen! *giggle*

  3. I've taken a bunch of social networking classes lately, what I've learned:
    Link your blog to everything possible, twitter, fb, my space, plaxo, etc then your blog updates everything at once. Also, posting on others blogs ups your SEO. Most importantly, remembering that social networking is not just about the taking, but also about the giving!