Monday, October 12, 2009

Drawing Class

We got to take our sketchbooks and pencils to the gallery to draw. We could chose to draw any of the marble figures in the Roman/Greek sculpture gallery or anywhere in the Renaissance court. My favorite place in the museum is The Chapter House, a room from a French monastery, circa 12th c.

Around the arched entrance is a carved floral design. The simple floral shapes looked like x's to me. That's what I tried to draw along with some of the stonework. I enjoyed the detailed work of the flowers. The quiet of the museum made the work almost meditative.


  1. I love artists' sketchbooks. My DD's is full of little bits and pieces and more completed works, and it shows how far she's come since she got that sketchpad.

  2. I thought we were working HANDS? (not that I don't like your sketches...) I wanted to see your mittens! ;)

    I admire sketching. I got no ability for anything other than doodles... I'm a linguistic girl. No spatial here.