Friday, May 28, 2010

The Friday Five

It was a very busy week with all the graduation hoopla. Five things that have come to an end:

1. The Young One is edumucated with highest honors. She also was awarded a scholarship which was a lovely surprise to all of us during the graduation assembly.

2. No more driving up the kidney buster, washboard of a street to the second highest hill in the city! If I ever win a lottery, I shall have the road paved properly. 

3. No more fund raisers! No more magazines or candy to buy. Though I will miss the candy as it came from the Hebert Candy Mansion and is a most excellent chocolate.

4. The Young One can wear any color shoes she wants to, not just black.

5. No more laundering uniforms and trying to remove graphite from the cuffs of the white Senior cardigan. Black should be the new white for the Senior sweater.

Has a chapter ended for you?


  1. proud mamas are so much fun...
    Remember though, it's your baby. sniff sniff. 'member how quiet the house was!

  2. I'm afraid my son is threatening to leave the napping chapter behind. Nooooooo!!!!

  3. Yay for RED shoes! Congrats to TYO and YAY for the scholarship!