Friday, June 11, 2010

The Friday Five

This week I had a routine dental check-up. Got me thinking how different dental visits are now. When I was a kid:

1. The dentist had only one operatory/exam room. It was tiled a lovely shade of puke green.

2. You sat in a barber chair and had to spit into a small, white porcelain sink. It was gross! Mr. Thirsty was unheard of. ( I always feel dorky with Mr. Thirsty hanging out of my mouth.)

3. The dentist didn't use Novocaine or any kind of pain killer to fill a cavity. Just used the drill powered by his foot like the treadle on a sewing machine. As I recall, it didn't hurt much either. Maybe we were tougher back then.

4. The dentist didn't have a technician to help him out. He had to get his own tools and prepare the fillings himself.

5. As a special treat after getting a silver filling. I'd be given the left over mercury to play with. Yup, he'd pour the tiny BB size  mercury into my hand and I'd roll it around. Then he'd give me a cigar box so I could take it home. I'd tilt the box till the bead smashed into a wall and scattered into tiny balls. Then I'd tilt the box and collect all the little balls into one bead. Who knew it was toxic?!

Has going to the dentist changed much since you were a kid?


  1. I remember that the dentist would give me a little cassette player and headphones. I would listen to George Strait and the Judds while he worked on my teeth.

  2. lots of things have changed, but one thing has stayed the same...for me, it is still REEEEEEEEEEEEEEALY scary!

  3. I'm horrible about going to the dentist. This post reminds me that I need to make an appointment!