Friday, June 18, 2010

The Friday Five

The other night I went to the sink to get a cup of water to nuke for tea. Except the portable dishwasher was connected to the sink so I had to get my water from the bathroom. Five things I believed as a kid:

1. Since the bathroom sink and the toilet were on the same wall, I was convinced the sink drew the water from the toilet. To this day, I don't like getting a glass of water to drink from the bathroom.

2. Having attended parochial school, the nuns and their mysterious lives were a good source of fascination. The nuns still wore a wimple and veil when I was in grade school. We were convinced they were bald.

3. The nuns also wore floor length habits. This was because they had no feet. They just seemed to glide across the floor. Though they fairly flew if they were coming at you with a ruler.

4. I thought I would be dead by the time I was 30. 30 just seemed so old.

5. When I was 5, I was convinced an alligator lived under my bed. I wouldn't sleep with my arm hanging over the side or I'd be grabbed and pulled underneath the bed. This also meant I couldn't walk into the room if the light wasn't on. I'd have to run down the hall and take a leap for the bed from the doorway. This would cause my bed to bash into the wall. Then my dad would yell, "What the hell are you doing?!"

What were some of the things you believed when you were a kid?


  1. Hilarious Friday Five, CJ! Love it! I can just hear your dad saying something like that! And bald nuns? I was surprised in researching for one of my books to discover that nuns did shear their hair off, or at least long ago they did. They wore it very short under those wimples! Have a great weekend!

  2. Yeah, when I was in 6th grade, the dress code for nuns was relaxed. We were stunned to see our sixth grade nun with short, dark curly hair. And legs, and feet!

  3. Those are funny!

    When I was a kid, I believed that the wind blew because the trees moved.

  4. I had the same fear about the alligators! I would never sleep with my leg hanging off the bed. I used to think when I flushed the toilet a monster would come up out of it. Therefore, I didn't want to flush it. This drove my family crazy.

    I turn 30 in a few weeks. Uh oh! :)

  5. I like the new layout! Nice!

    Your five cracked me up. I believed an evil clown lived under my bed! Ha!

  6. Too funny!!!!! I never could...and still don't like to hang my feet or hand over the side of the bed. It just feels wrong, though I used to think monsters would eat me.

  7. According to the kids I just traveled with, 30 is old.