Monday, June 7, 2010


I finally got the invites for the Young One's graduation party finished. Found the poem To A Red Kite by Lilian Moore. Wrote that out using the old Palm Pilot alphabet called Graffiti. Wanted a playful look to the invitation. Scanned in the calligraphy and turned the cards around using Publisher. The cards were printed on a white linen finish paper I had hanging around. The cards are a French fold, that is a standard sheet of paper folded into quarters. The outside of the card was embellished with string and a scrap of red paste paper to make the kite. Some small butterfly stickers were used for the kite tail. The kite theme was carried through for her name on the inside of the invitation.

Names on the envelopes were written out with a red kite, too. (Just in case you're wondering, red is The Young One's favorite color). I was hoping to find cloud stamps, flags with clouds behind them stamps, or just plain old flag stamps on a trip to the post office to complete the theme of a kite flying in the sky. My post office had no flags! Imagine that! No flags! Liberty bells, puppies and kitties, and the new pansy stamps which are quite beautiful, but didn't fit my theme either. Deep sigh. Forlorn look. My fault, I should have planned ahead of time where I could have had custom stamps made. And in the scope of things, this art is ephemeral. No one will really care. I chose the puppy and kitty stamps because The Young One loves animals and the black kitty looks a little like Ink.


  1. Oh, the invites are finished! And did they turn out beautiful. You are creative. Amazingly creative. I love them!

  2. CJ what font did you use on the inside of the graduation party card? I'm assigned to design the wedding invitation for my daughter and would appreciate tips on what fonts are most legible and appropriate (but not a clichรฉ)



  3. Joan, my invitation was hand done.