Monday, March 14, 2011

Hats Off to Andy

On Friday's Five lists of favorite tastes, I mentioned I love chocolate and licorice.

 Andy from Fish Wrap said: In Japan I had a mixture of dark chocolate and black licorice which was out of this world. Here in the states I've been getting a box of Good N Plenty and Snowcaps and mixing them together for a similar effect.

This sounded intriguing though I wasn't too sure about the dark chocolate. I'll eat dark chocolate. After all, it's chocolate, but I prefer milk chocolate. 
After a stressful week and while running errands at Wallyworld, I decided to treat myself and made a bee-line to the candy aisle. Imagine my surprise and disappointment. No Good N Plenty and no Snowcaps. Ok, so the Wallyworld in Northbridge though a large store doesn't carry a large assortment of products.
On to Target. I raced to the candy aisle. After my stressful week, I deserved this. I found the Good N Plenty and cruised the rest of the aisles. Up one, down the other. FTW? No Snowcaps. Did they stop making them? No, Andy said he mixed Good N Plenty with Snowcaps. More searching the candy aisles. Nothing that even resembled nonpareils.  The only other place I could think of getting Snowcaps was at the movie theater, but I didn't feel like spending a gazillion dollars on a box of candy.  I'm cheap that way. What to do?
 Usually, when I get a new recipe, I like to follow it exactly. Just to be sure of the outcome. This wasn't going to be so I needed to improvise. After all, I deserved a treat. I grabbed a bag of Special Dark Hershey Kisses. And since the bag of Good N Plenty was half the weight of the Hershey Kisses, I grabbed another bag of Good N Plenty for good measure. 
While waiting in the car to pick The Eldest up from work, I tore open a bag of Good N Plenty and the bag of Hershey Kisses. What was the ratio? One Kiss to one Plenty pellet? The pink and white pellets looked small compared to the Kiss. So one Kiss to two Plenty pellets. Staring at the candies in my hand I thought of Green Eggs and Ham and how the one Sam I Am pestered, reluctantly tried his first taste of green eggs and ham. I had the same reaction too. Say! This is good! I do like dark chocolate and licorice together! 
At home, I asked The Young One if she wanted to try this new taste. Just like me, she likes licorice and chocolate, and she's not a fan of dark chocolate though she will eat it. She decided the addition of the licorice made the dark chocolate taste better. I concurred.
So hats off to you, Andy. The chocorice is really good.


  1. The hat belongs to the japanese. You aren't alone in struggling to find Good N Plenty and Snowcaps. CVS carries both, but it took some looking to find them.

  2. Um...I'm guessing you have to at least like black licorice before you will like black licorice and dark chocolate together?

  3. LOL, I am totally with Erica on this one!

    Glad you found a new treat though.

  4. Wondering what the Canadian equivalent of these two will be. I will go on a quest later today and hopefully remember to check back with my findings!