Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I love Halloween. Love the decorations and enjoy making them especially if they are quick and easy to do. I came across the Paper Pumpkins and had to make a couple. This would be a good craft to do if you have to keep little people busy. The original instructions used a "cool" glue gun, but I used double stick tape instead. (There's a reason my ma didn't name me Grace.) The small punkin was made by following the directions and using 1/2 strips with 1" circles to hold the strips together. I doubled the dimensions for the larger punkin. The longest part of the craft is cutting the strips. Goes quickly if you have a paper cutter. The punkins took about a half an hour to make and that included gathering materials.

After Halloween is over, the ghosties will disappear and the punkins will get extra mileage as Thanksgiving decorations.

Do you decorate for Halloween?


  1. Not much for Halloween myself. I put up pumpkins and scarecrows for fall.

  2. I'll probably get stoned for saying this, but I don't like Halloween! The constant doorbell drives the dog and cat crazy and families actually drive to our neighborhood to trick or treat. It gets very crowded! I guess we give better candy than their neighbors! LOL