Friday, October 21, 2011

The Friday Five

Chilly mornings, chilly evenings. No more sweltering , hot days )-: Time to turn to five, small comforts to get through the cold days ahead.

 1. Time to put on soft, thick, fluffy socks.

 2. Wrapping hands around a mug of mulled cider or

 3. A steaming mug of chai. It's not cold enough to break out the polartec fingerless gloves or flannel-lined jeans.

 4. Wrapped in the down throw while playing with the iPad or watching television.

 5. Wearing the zip front, sweatshirt that used to belong to Himself ( it shrunk in the wash and doesn't fit him
 ( -; ) I peel the sweatshirt off when  my personal thermostat kicks into overdrive.

 What little comforts do you turn to when the weather gets chilly?


  1. Long sleeves and the comforter on the bed. :)

  2. I love pulling out the fun fuzzy socks when it gets cold. And I have my trusty soft fuzzy Vikings throw to wrap up in. I actually spend very little time being cold though, which some days is too bad since there are so many cute sweaters. And yes, I live in Minnesota so I am familiar with cold.

  3. OMG, flannel lined jeans? I'm sweltering just reading about them! LOL

  4. Fall is like that scene in Shawshank Redemption when Andy climbs out of the sewer pipe-- I'm free from uncomfortable weather for at least the next six months!

    I hate being hot-- hate it more than poison. Even on the coldest day of the year at least I can take steps to warm up-- there are only so many ways to cool down before it's pointless.

    I'm definitely a cool weather climate UK'r!