Monday, November 14, 2011

NaNoJouMo - 14

I've been researching my family tree at and looking for some background on my great-uncle Manny. I've blogged about Uncle Manny before. I still can't find any evidence that he carved the lions at the Boston Public Library. I'm also trying to find a link to see if he worked with sculptor, Edward Ardolino. The Ardolino Brothers had a masonry stone works in East Boston where Uncle Manny lived.

I received a message from another family detective on Ancestry. She also has Uncle Manny as a link in her family tree! Uncle Manny is her great-grandfather. ( He had been married and had a son. His wife died a month or so after the baby was born. Uncle later remarried my great-aunt.) She has told me there appears to be an Ardolino link. We're comparing notes and family stories. It's pretty exciting to find someone else working on a piece of the same puzzle. Small world, ain't it?


  1. How fun! Happy hunting!

  2. I got to meet a cousin in September who I met on the internets. His grgrandfather and my grandfather were brothers. Mine came to Canada and his went to England but we met in Scotland where they were originally from. Fun stuff! I love the hunt.