Friday, November 11, 2011

NaNoJouMo - 11

I'm in the market for a cardigan sweater, and Kohl's was having a sale. At 5' 2" in height, I headed to the petite department. Department. That's a joke. A couple of rounds and a rack with ugly blouses, jackets, and jeans.

I'm quite tall for a hobbit so I went to the regular department with high hopes. I found a sweater I liked and tried it on. The shoulder seams sagged to my biceps. The sleeves were six inches too long, and the hem hung below my knees. Why do they make clothes for Amazon women? Why don't the department stores carry a decent selection of petite sized clothing?

Do you have trouble finding clothes to fit?


  1. I have the opposite problem. All the pants I try on look like high waters. Maybe you could cut the bottom of your pants and sleeves off and mail them to me. I'll sew them to the bottom of my clothes (if I owned a sewing machine or knew how to sew :) ).

  2. My problem is I'm looking for that perfect outfit that will make me appear to be a size 2.

    so far, I haven't found it