Friday, July 19, 2013

The Friday Five

1. Himself had complained the air conditioning units were getting too heavy for him to put in and out of the windows especially the large unit that cools the entire main floor. We decided to skip the air conditioning for the season. Afterall, growing up we didn't have air conditioning. How hard could it be to live like pioneers minus the two holer? (I'm not giving up modern plumbing)

2. When there's a breeze, the sun room is pleasant. The weather may be hot and humid, but you don't have to shovel it.

3. There are fans in the bedrooms, and if it is beastly in the sun room, I grab a fan to circulate the air.

4. In the sun room, ice water, ice tea, and Popsicles  have helped to keep me cool while I watch Deep Space 9 on Netflix. Meals have been cold suppers of chicken, pasta salads, and salads. Ink has spent his days in a cabinet in my bedroom.

5. In the middle of the third heatwave, Himself brought up the two smaller air conditioning units. He ordered a portable R2D2 like unit that will take care of the main floor when it arrives in a few days.

How are you keeping cool?


  1. Opened every window, pulled curtains across and stayed indoors! I'm Still HOT :)

  2. Closed every window, pulled curtains closed, blackout blinds and reflectors meant for car windscreens and stayed indoors, bearable. Using night to bring cool air in then trying to trap it for the daytime. No AC.
    Still enjoying the novelty of first heatwave for years!

  3. I’m wilting just reading this! I could never go without AC. My hat is off to you and Hubs for even trying (considering the temperatures lately!)