Thursday, July 18, 2013

Farewell, Old Friend

You were a faithful workhorse and always reliable. You kept me safe even when you decided to spin doughnuts on Rte 16 during the snowstorm when all the other schools across the state cancelled mid-morning, but the girlies' schools did not. We had a lot of good times like hauling the Flatlander up hills, and she raised her hands and squealed like she was on a rollercoaster. There were some tears and ranting and raving especially after those endless and tedious trips to the Mahket. You were amazing the day you flew down the Pike, and we made the trip to Natick in 30 minutes because Ma had called to say Dad was in the ER and when we got there we found out he was just having a procedure and never bothered to tell Ma. I'll miss the dent you got in the front passenger door because the Eldest whammed the door into an ice encrusted snow mound in the driveway. Your twin parked on Boynton St. had the same dent. The dent added character. We put on a lot of miles on our shuttle runs and after 157,000+ you deserve a rest. Farewell, Old Friend.

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  1. I get emotionally attached to my vehicles too. :(