Monday, July 22, 2013

Save Your Money

As part of her birthday celebration, The Young One wanted to see Pacific Rim. All her buddies raved about the movie. Told her she had to see it. Apparently, the big draw was the voice actress who voiced the computer Glados from the video game Portal was used to voice the computer in the movie. Me thinks she's been typecast. To me, the movie was a live action version of the anime Gundam Wing (minus the teen angst), Power Rangers, and Japanese monster movies like Godzilla, Mothra, etc.

Giant monsters called Kaiju invade the Earth from a rift deep in the Pacific Ocean. They come ashore  to rid the Earth of vermin (humans). The last hold out is Tokyo. To combat the Kaiju, we build J├Ąger, giant mechs, mechanized armor powered by two pilots to destroy the monsters. It's a predictable storyline of a reluctant hero, a female rookie who wants to avenge her family, an entitled pilot and his partner, and a commander with a secret. 

There's lots of action, things blowing up (if you can stand your eardrums bursting from you skull), and the heavy scent of testosterone oozing from the screen. Entertaining, but over-hyped unless you're an adolescent male. And the Glados voice wasn't as good as she was in Portal. Save your money and wait for the movie to come out on Pay Per View or Netflix.

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  1. These aren't movies to me. Movies have actors and intelligent storylines. These are glorified video games on big screens! (Ooooops, my curmudgeon is showing, sorry!)