Friday, July 5, 2013

The Friday Five

My car didn't pass inspection, and it looks like it will be cheaper to buy or lease a new one than to repair it. Five things that would be nice to have in a new car.

1. Car colors seem so boring now, white, black or silver. I want a blue one, and not a candy-ass blue, but a deep shade of cobalt blue.

2. Self-parking would be cool to  have.

3. A back-up camera would be nice.

4. A remote start would be deliciously decadent so I could start the car from inside the house on cold days.

5. Remembered seat and mirrors settings so if someone else drives, I don't have to spend time adjusting seat and mirrors.

What are the extras you like in a car?


  1. Auto pilot would be nice.......;D Good luck on your car purchasing adventure!

  2. Honda has a cobalt blue- I'm in the same boat, CJ, now looking to replace my 10 year old "classic" which has an automatic starter (fabulous in the winter AND summer) and I don't let anyone drive without putting my settings back. Just train 'em.

  3. Mandatory A/C (I thought that would be standard equipment, apparently some people still opt to not have it?!)
    Heated seats (if I have them in my KIA,they should come standard in everything else)
    Cruise control (I really miss it)