Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another Visitor

Photo from Morguefile
I first spotted her and her baby in Prissy's front yard while I was chatting on the phone. I've seen the deer at night and coming out of the woods in the early morning mist, but I've never seen them in the middle of the day. Noise from a passing car must have startled the youngster  because he went bounding back into Prissy's woods. I went back to my phone conversation.

I paced back to the sun room and that's when I spotted her. Just like that, in the photo. Well, not quite like that. My photo didn't come out as I shot it with the iPhone camera through the dirty, sun room window and into the noon sun. I couldn't even see the deer through the view finder. But this is what she looked like. Except I had to mirror the Morguefile photo in Paint Shop Pro . And the tree in our yard isn't as wide, and it's surrounded by white heath asters. Yes, that's the real name of the flowers, I didn't just make that up just because I happen to love the cowboy by the same name. The grass in my yard is greener, too. But the deer did look directly at me and Ink. Ink was very interested in watching her even though she probably had a good 100 lbs. over him. When she figured we weren't a threat, she casually munched the grass. Her baby wasn't with her. She probably had him or her safely tucked up in the woods so she could eat her lunch in peace.

What's in your back yard?


  1. How wonderful,I would love to see this in my garden. Watching over 15 house sparrows bouncing about on the bird feeder this morning.

    1. Haven't seen many birds at the bird feeder. Yesterday, there was a blue jay. Maybe hes hogging the feeder and keeping the other birds at bay

  2. We get possums and raccoons. Once in awhile deer. When I see them it takes my breath away.

  3. The deer really are quite beautiful especially as they emerge from morning mist. I have a story about a possum, but that's scheduled for December.

  4. We sometimes see dolphins and manatees in the canal in our backyard!