Friday, September 27, 2013

The Friday Five

21. September 1997
Stowe Orchards
Though I'm mourning Summer and the hazy, hot, and humid days, I do look forward to apple season.

1. When the girlies were little, we used to spend a day at the local orchard picking apples, feeding the animals at the petting zoo, and taking a pony ride.

2. My favorite apples are tart apples: McIntosh, Granny Smith, Cortland

3. For a change of pace from tea, I like  a cup of mulled cider

4. Last weekend, I baked an Impossible Apple Pie

5. Red gave me a pan of Waters Farm Apple Crisp. Waters Farm is located in the town where I live and is a living history museum preserving 19th c. New England farm life. /Volunteers bake up tons of apple crisp for the Waters Farm Days, a Fall Festival held on the first weekend in October.

Do you like apples?


  1. I love apples. HoneyCrisp and Granny Smith are my favorites.

  2. Me too! The latest fav is Gala. Waters Farm looks like a fun place to visit, you lucky duck!

  3. Just harvested a tree of baking 'Pigsnout' apples from a local old orchard. Ow my back!