Friday, September 13, 2013

The Friday Five

Some thoughts on social media

1. Facebook:  With the privacy issues changing hourly, I probably shouldn't spend time on the site, but I like it. I've been able to connect with family and friends from far away. A lot of my calligraphy colleagues from around the world are here, too, and I get to keep up with tools, tips, and what people are working on.

2. Twitter: It's hard to make your broccoli stand out when everyone is talking about their broccoli. And I'm pretty sure no one really cares what I had for lunch or my whines about the weather. I've had "conversations" with a couple of others, but in order to keep up, I'd have to spend my entire day on Twitter. Mostly I tweet links to my blog.

3. LinkedIn: There's a discussion happening on Cyberscribes, a calligrapher and lettering artist group, as to whether or not there is any benefit to joining LinkedIn. I haven't gotten any work from the site, but have been endorsed for my skills. Jury's still out.

4. Pinterest: I liked the idea of vision boards, and I enthusiastically pinned colors, studio organizing, crafts, recipes, and a bunch of other stuff. Then I read the fine print in Pinterest's usage agreement. Basically it stated Cold Brew Labs the company behind Pinterest gets to use images that you post in any manner they wish among other things. No thank you, and I deleted my account.

5. Ancestry: This is where I've been researching my genealogy and building my family tree. I've "met" cousins, okay, they are fifth or seventh cousins a few times removed, but we still have a link to a common ancestor.

What do you think about social media?


  1. I agree with you about the worrying privacy issues. I will go and knock on a neighbours door for a chat instead!

  2. THINGS I USE: I find FB a necessary evil. I don't get jobs directly from it, but I keep up with other calligraphers and with the wedding & special event vendors with which I work. I also have the same experience with LinkedIn.
    DON'T USE: I'm with you on Twitter, I don't have the time to keep up with everything that goes on there. Same goes for Pinterest - and then there's the user agreement. With all things social media, if something is "free," then the product is you.

  3. I deleted my Pinterest account too when I found out they could use the images! But I have fallen down the rabbit hole of Facebook, much to my embarrassment……:(