Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tools, Gadgets,and Widgets - iPhone 5C

My iPhone 4 was due for an upgrade, and I was hoping to upgrade from Verizon's 3G network to 4G. I thought I would upgrade to the 4S, but the 4S is still on Verizon's 3G network and 3G, which I call 3 Grandmas, is painfully slow. (You do know that the G in this case stands for generation, so 4G is just the 4th or newest incarnation of the network)

Last week, Apple unveiled two new phones, the expensive 5S and the less expensive 5C. (The difference is the 5C has a colorful, plastic shell). I like the iPhone. Works well out of the box, intuitive to use. I like the minimalist design, enhanced by the new IOS7 operating system so I went with the in my budget 5C.

The 5C comes in  a range of candyass prissy, pastel colors. I chose the  light blue, but would have been happier with a darker shade of blue or black. This morning while surfing, I saw an article which stated the iPhone comes in a Croc of colors. Sure enough, My  iPhone and fugly shoes are color coordinated. What a relief! The 5C is slightly longer and narrower than the iPhone 4. It's also lighter in weight due to the plastic shell.  I asked the salesman if any men were buying the iPhone 5C. He said in the week the phone was out, he had only sold the phone to women, and women buying the phone for their children (I'm assuming girls)

Earlier in the week with the introduction of the new operating system, I had backed up my iPhone 4 to the iCloud. The salesman ported my phone number to the new phone, and we erased the data on the old phone. Verizon gave me $100 off the cost of the phone if I traded in the old one. At home, I booted up iTunes and restored the back up. Very easy to do. All my contacts, calendar events, reminders, apps, and specialty ringtones were right on the new phone without problems. I only had to set the custom ringtones and that took all of 5 seconds.

Besides the Croc colors, my other complaint has to do with the cable connector. One end still has the USB connector, but Apple changed the end which goes into the phone. It's now teeny, tiny. So the phone won't fit into the iHome alarm clock/radio/charging station Himself gave me for Christmas. It also meant I had to buy another car charger.

I'd grade the iPhone 5C an A for ease of use, design, and weight, and a C+ for color choices and the cable connector.


  1. Planned obsolescence thy name is Apple. (it's the reason for the connector size change with every new version...) But I'm glad to know you are now color coordinated with your Crocs! Whew! ;)

  2. Candyass, heh heh. I blush to admit, I still use a clam.