Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesdays with Elders - Notifying Social Security

After Dad passed away, there was some conflicting information about who was to notify the Social Security Administration. The nursing home said Medicaid would since Medicaid and Social Security are tied together. Information from the Social Security site said in some cases, the Funeral Director notifies Social Security.

I decided the best way to find out was to call Social Security myself. I wasn't sure I'd get far. The one time there was a problem with Dad's Social Security and I called, the agent wouldn't speak to me. Even when I told her, I was Dad's Attorney in Fact (title for person with power of attorney). The agent told me Social Security doesn't recognize power of attorney, and the agent hung up on me. How rude!

This time around, the agent was very sympathetic and helpful. I had to provide Dad's social security number, his date of birth, his mother's maiden name all to verify his account. She answered my question about the next social security deposit made on the first of the month. As I suspected, his social security would be deposited into his bank account, but Social Security would withdraw the amount before the month is out.

Next week: Survivor's Benefits


  1. I find it very 'interesting' that an account (social security) that we've paid into withdraws the last payment. I've know about this for a long time but I still don't get it......:(

    1. You just have to plan on dying on the last day of the month.