Thursday, February 13, 2014

Which Design Aesthetic Are You

Prompted by How About Orange's blog, I took the Buzzfeed quiz Which Design Aesthetic Are You because I had a few minutes to kill before lunch.

I really had to laugh at my results.

I'm a Wes Anderson movie? Who? I had to Google Wes Anderson. Have never seen one of his movies and probably never will. Not my twee cup of tea. Though I adore bad puns.

Paperback books don't have to be vintage for me to enjoy them.

Franciose Hardy records. Does anyone still listen to records? And who is Hardy?

Cardigans. Yes, at this stage of the game, I prefer cardigans. First you're hot, then you're cold. Then hot again. Much easier to pull a cardigan on and off than to pull a crewneck sweater on and off all day long. And my "cardigan du jour" is actually a rattie hoodie with a sherpa fleece lining.

Knee socks? Not since I was in elementary school. But I do occasionally adjust my crew socks.

Thrift-store sifting skills. The Little Princess doesn't really like to shop and hates sifting through racks or bins. I'm not into the thrill of the hunt.

Practicing your cursive. Dead on.

Did you take the quiz?


  1. I missed that test. I am definitely in favor of cardigans:)

  2. I got: a walking embodiment of Pottery Barn meets a Pinterest.........I kind of agree, sort of, maybe......