Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Card List

I've been busy addressing Christmas cards for a client. Boy howdy, was I nervous when I had to address this particular envelope!

I've had the pleasure of meeting, Rick Muffler, a calligrapher at the White House and perusing his amazing portfolio. Way back when I first began and didn't know which end of a nib to use, Rick graciously gave me a private lesson. It was very exciting because Rick is lefthanded just like me.

Anyway, my envelope came out nice. As I'm fond of saying, my work is pleasant and potentially harmless. Hope my envelope isn't judged too harshly when it reaches its destination.


  1. Wow... Not something everyone can say they've done. Lefties do rule!

  2. Looks good to me and I'm sure the President will be pleased.

  3. o00o la-di-da! The prez of the US. WoW! :P...I think that's soo kooo! who knew you moved in such circles!! lol...Love the writing on the envelope! It's soooo...classic.Like the old writings frm a long time ago. If that makes sense. :D. I'm sure it's a envelope the Prez and the First Lady will not toss into the trash afterwards.lol..