Sunday, November 11, 2007

Movie Review: Lions for Lambs

Lions for Lambs is Redford’s take on contemporary issues of war and party politics. As Butch Cassidy told the Sundance Kid, “Don’t sugar coat it kid. Tell it [to her] straight.” Redford spares no punches in this intense film.

Redford not only directs but acts in this film as well. There are four stories that are interwoven and the message is about standing up for beliefs and the repercussions of choices made. Redford plays a college professor dealing with the frustration of teaching an apathetic student who has a lot of potential. Meryl Streep plays a reporter struggling with reporting the truth or reporting propaganda. Tom Cruise is the charismatic senator spouting party policy and pushing his own agenda. Michael Peña and Derek Luke are former students of the college professor.

Though well acted and cast, the pace of the film is slow at times. Perhaps we’ve come to expect the skewed camera angles and flash by images a la 24 or The Bourne films. In contrast, Lions for Lambs is mostly talking heads. The only action of the film is the story of the professor’s former students, young men who stand up for their convictions and each other. Out of the four stories, I found this one the most compelling.

The film is well worth seeing even if Redford’s character preaches more to the audience than advising his student. If you don’t get the message, there is a not so subtle hint at the end. If you’re looking for the entertaining feel good movie of the year, this is not the one to see.


  1. I'm SOOO torn on this. I love all the cast BUT DESPISE Tom Cruise. I vowed NEVER to see a movie with him in it again. I hate when this happens...

  2. I'm not a Tom Cruise fan either, but he played his character with perfection.

  3. Thanks CJ, gives us an idea what to expect. I wonder when it's release date in Oz is ...

    Have a great week


  4. ok..2nd attempt at leaving a comment here. lol. I was booted off earlier! how Rude! lol...I forgot what I commented in the first comment. lmao! ohh...I said I haven't seen this movie yet mainly cos I dnt care for Robert Redford nor do I care for Tom whatshisface. But thanks for the heads up review about this movie! I'll prolly catch it when it pops up on ppv. lol.