Thursday, May 29, 2008


When The Eldest was in 3rd grade, she had to write a story and then write an author bio. Part of the bio, said she lived with her family and what everyone in the family did. I just stayed home and cleaned, according to her. LOL

Contrary to her belief, house cleaning isn't something I enjoy doing, but it's something that has to be done. I usually pick one task to do each day. Today's project was cleaning the sunroom and washing the inside of the windows.

Window washing has always been a bit of a disappointment. No matter what commercial product I used (and I've tried them all), when all was done I could see streaks. Until today. I decided to try old-fashioned white vinegar. What a difference! No streaks! Not even in the bright sunshine! Guess sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

I used a squeegee to clean the windows but have heard newspapers work well. Can anyone tell me why newspapers work to clean the windows? Won't the ink run all over the place?

So while Ink takes his break from supervising my cleaning, I'm heading to the livingroom to tackle those windows.


  1. Newspapers don't leave behind little flecks of lint. I've never had the ink run on me when I've used them.

    Glad to know Noah's window-washing techniques live on. :)

  2. Now, if only Noah were here to wash the windows. THUD!

  3. I think you already have my address, when can I expect you? I'll even provide the supplies.

  4. I like washing windows. It's one job where you can see instant results. I've used newspaper too--it's free and usually in abundant supply --unlike paper towels that are never where you last saw them.

  5. I've been told the same thing,"clean with vinegar,and wipe with newspaper." lol! It really works. I'm dropping in for some Iced Tea, and join Ink on the couch, as we trade tips on house hold hints on cleaning keep-sakes, and collectables. Take care my friend. hugs,