Sunday, July 6, 2008

Goodbye, Mr. Chips

TCM is showing Goodbye, Mr. Chips starring Robert Donat and Greer Garson. It's a very sweet, sentimental movie of a shy school teacher at a boys' boarding school who finds love and overcomes his shyness. Robert Donat won the 1939 Oscar for Best Actor beating out Clark Gable as Rhett Butler. If you've never seen this film, tune in so you can be edumacated. I'm getting a box of Kleenex Crying Into Tissueand a bag of popcorn ready.

TCM is showing the film at 8PM EDT. Check your local listing.


  1. oh man, I've never seen this movie and I don't get that channel. guess I'll have to miss out on the edumacation tonight.

  2. Erica, rent this movie. This is a must see movie.

  3. A must see? Hmmm... I'll see if it is netflix-able.