Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Toy

I like working in the sunroom, but sometimes it's a hassle bringing tools and toys up from the studio. I was reading The Decorated Page, a how to book about keeping an art journal. The book had a suggestion about keeping a set of items so if you wanted to journal on the go, you could without hunting up the items you needed. With this in mind, I went on a trip to Michael's to buy some items like watercolor pencils and markers. While there, I found this wonderful tote. On sale! It has tons of pockets to hold pens, pencils,paints, inks, etc. It has large inside pockets to hold a book, a cutting mat, and my current WIP. I'm working on a journal to document my weight loss journey. Now I can sit in the sunroom and work to my heart's content. If I'm arting,Painter I'm not eating!

Now if only I could organize the studio space as efficiently!

Do you have a vocation or avocation that you like to be portable? How do you tote the supplies you need?


  1. Does your talent ever rest? :p Aloha CJ! Long time no comment! Thought I'd drop in on you...hope all is well with u and ur fam. Congrats on losing the 5lbs. Stick with it! as for toting things. I dislike carrying ne thing with me. I don't even like carrying a purse, bag or wallet. I like my hands free and don't like the feel of a bag slung over my bod!!! That's what the men are for, to carry my sh!t! lol....isn't that what God made them for? :D Miss u! Happy Thursday!

  2. The laptop and laptop bag go with me nearly everywhere. Write on the road...that's what I love. :)

  3. Finding the perfect tote is key and it looks like you've done it! Perfect!

    I fought all year to find the perfect "bus bag". Finally found it this spring. It's the perfect size to fit the blanket and pillow. As for going, I usually have to bring a school bag anyway, so I keep a "perty" notebook and sep. pen /pencil holder filled with my favorites.
    They both live in the LR magazine rack, so they can be quickly dumped in when going somewhere...