Monday, July 27, 2009

Graceful Envelope Contest

It' s official. The slim, white, business sized envelope from The Graceful Envelope Contest was sitting in the mailbox. I didn't need to open it. The size was the tip off.

Winners receive a large manilla type envelope with a lovely certificate with their name calligraphed. I know. I've had 2 wins and an honorable mention.

Non-winners receive a slim, white, business sized envelope with a rejection letter. The opening of the letter contains info about the theme (this year to "Address the Environment"), how many adult contenstants entered, the names of the judges, the criterion for judging: "interpretation of the theme, skill in lettering and illustration and effective use of color and design, among other criteria. And then slam dunk:

"Unfortunately your envelope was not among those selected for the exhibition."

I had high hopes for my envelope. Inspired by the wind turbine at The Young One's school, I came up with the idea of a pinwheel. Pinwheel against the sky and I knew the flag stamps with clouds was what I wanted to use. I made the pinwheel from the plastic, outer wrapping of a case of bottled water. The pinwheel was difficult to fashion as it was 1 3/4" and held with a tiny brad. It could even spin!

The hand chosen was Gwen Weaver's "Weaver Writing". I liked those big open airy loops. Like balloons. Sort of. I used Ziller's Midnight Blue ink with a Nikko G nib. The Nikko G is getting to be my favorite.

I did several watercolor washes on Arches Text Wove. This was the one I loved best. Sponging the clouds was a surprise when I could see a face. Maybe I shouldn't have added blush to the cheeks.

That's the problem with not winning. Second guessing. Why didn't the judges find my envelope crushingly beautiful? Deep sigh. Forlorn look. Oh well, there's always next year.

Though I'm disappointed I didn't win, place or show, I am pleased and proud to announce my teacher, mentor, friend, and colleague, Gerry was awarded Best In Show.

The winning envelopes haven't been scanned and put up on the site yet, but you can still read the list of winners at 2009 Graceful Envelope Contest I can hardly wait to see Gerry's envelope.


  1. You weren't meant for the envelope... I mean how many envelope winners have living art? You have TWO pieces of living art!