Saturday, July 25, 2009


Another award. The Honest Scrap Award. Thanks, Erica This week, Seven plus one

So the rules of the Honest Scrap award are to reveal Eight Honest Things about me.

1. I live in fugly shoes (aka Crocs). I own three pair, black, red and blue with a fuzzy lining for Winter. Sometimes I even wear my fugly shoes out in public. My daughters cringe.

2. I don't like to eat in public if I'm by myself.

3. I don't parallel park the car.

4. I got married on Robert Redford's birthday.

5. I want a Viking funeral. That's Viking as in Norsemen, body laid out on a Viking war ship with a flaming arrow shot into the death sail. Not anything to do with the football team.

6. I have never had a manicure or pedicure.

7. I have a horrible sense of direction and can't tell left from right.

8. Until this year, I never cleaned the bathroom. Bathroom cleaning really isn't a Little Princess job, but I love my newly, remodeled bathroom with the sleek wipe down surfaces.
Anyone want to play? Snag the award, post on your site and then let me know so I can read your answers. Help enable the nosy. (-;


  1. LOL, a Viking funeral...just wait until the season starts...


  2. Well I share the left / right thing. It's genetic. You can't be blamed for it. We live in a world built for rightees! And sense of direction can't be helped for all those trees!