Friday, October 22, 2010

The Friday Five

Five pets that have owned me:

1. When I was very little, maybe 4 or 5 yrs. old, we had two goldfish, one for The Brother and one for me. The Brother liked to go fishing in the goldfish bowl and pick up the goldfish, usually by their dorsal fins. I don't think the goldfish lasted very long.

2. I had a little turtle (the kind that comes from the pet store) named Sidney.  Sidney lived in a plastic turtle bowl that had a plastic palm tree. I also found a nice flat rock so he could sit under his palm tree. When Sidney passed, I had an elaborate funeral for him.

3.  The Brother was dating a girl and her family was going on vacation. She asked The Brother if he could take care of her kitten, Jeanette.  The Brother said yes. Shortly after the girl came back from vacation, she and The Brother broke up. She never came to pick up Jeanette. My ma was not happy. I was. I loved the kitty who turned out to be a male who got stuck with a girl's name. Jeanette would sit on the stairs and wait for me to come home from school. When he saw me, he would run down the street to walk  me to the house.

4. Mitty was a charcoal grey and white cat we got when The Eldest was 8. She was afraid of animals. I didn't think that was a good thing. I convinced Himself we needed to get a pet, a cat.  It took a lot of convincing since Himself is not a catophile. Walking a dog at 11pm on our dark road in the dead of winter didn't sound so appealing to him either. We went to the animal shelter and there was Mitty. Mitty was such a lovable kitty. I think he was so happy to get out of the shelter. He taught The Young One to eat a little faster, too. She was a dawdler when it came to breakfast. He would jump up on the table and lap the milk out of her cereal bowl.

5. Ink is the current ruler of the roost. We got him a few months after Mitty got hit by a car. I wasn't sure I wanted another pet so soon, but the girls wanted another cuddly kitty. The vet's receptionist had  a neighbor with a litter of kittens. She brought a boxful of kitties to the house. There was one carmel tabby with the most beautiful blue eyes, but she was already spoken for. Most of the other kitties were black and white and they reminded the girls of Mitty. Two kitties were all black, a male and a female. The Eldest wanted a girl kitty. The Young One wanted a boy kitty. I didn't see why we couldn't have two kitties, but Himself had the don't even think about it look on his face. The girls finally chose the runt of the litter. Ink was so small he couldn't eat the kitty kibble. On the vet's advice, I had to make oatmeal and scrambled eggs for Ink until his jaws were strong enough to crunch the kibble. Himself was not happy that I cooked breakfast for the cat, but not for him.

Do you have pets that own you?


  1. Yep, 2 scruffy lurchers, who were bred for speed and not for brains LOL
    I enjoyed reading about your pets.

  2. Fun!

    I was raised with dogs, lots of them. Mandy the English Sheepdog, a maniacal dachshaund that chewed on my mom's shoes (we got rid of him in a hurry) then Brittany Spaniels--hunting dogs. Lots of dog trials and bird hunting with Trapper and Mickey. Then Duff a 1/2 Irish Setter 1/2 Black Labrador who was the best dog on the planet. Also in there we had a couple of cats (one that had a litter or kittens in my closet) and some hamsters. Also, there were some parakeets, I think, but those didn't stay too long. Fish, a zillion fish because my dad had a 55 gallon fishtank full of tropical fish. I had a guppy named Rufus Rastis Justice Brown.

    Then I moved out and got married. Since then we've had a hamster, some fish, and a cat named Pookie that I have and adore. :)

  3. Is that a picture of Ink? Because I want to scoop that velvety, fluffy cat up and give him a big hug! I love cats. Just love them.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Yes, Jill, that's Ink looking sweet. He can be such a demon kitty.

  5. The first family dog was Tippy. Until when I was three I tried to pet him with a fork and he attacked me. Dad said he had to go. My siblings will NEVER forgive me.

    Then came Samantha Spunkitz, Spunky. She was with us for 17 years. The beloved beagle was da' bomb. People on the other side of the door thought we had a 150 lb. shepherd! How we ached when she left us.

    There were three birds and 2 fish. Bird, Vogel 1 and Vogel 2, Van Gogh and Gaugam (sp?)

    Then we switched to cats. I got Schnitzer Fritz, nitzer. My grey tabby was soft and cuddly, but when I moved out and couldn't find a rental to take him, allergies moved in.

    So I tried birds again... Don't remember their names at ALL! they procreated. It was interesting.

    Finally got the almighty, most awesome dog EVER. We went through hell and back together and he settled into his role as best friend and most awesome dog in the world, my beloved big guy, Hans Fernando... *sigh* Wonder if I'll ever stop missing him?

    Now of course, Princess Lena Louisa and Prince Maximus Agustus rule my roost. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    I KNOW I am happier and more settled in life with them around. That unconditional love and affection, which I've never felt from any other species... It's a requirement for life.

    And one more thing... Why would himself have needed to walk the dog in the dark? You have a yard! My pups have never needed to walk to do their business! We walk for bonding and exercise!

  6. Love the kitty picture!

    Well, I once had a fish named Pappy. Let's just say I'm not responsible enough to be a pet owner. I'll stick with kids.