Monday, October 18, 2010


Today's M.A.H.O.D. is MAHAND. LOL I just slay me!

Color me surprised. Usually I have trouble drawing hands that look like hands. I'm quite adept at drawing a hand that looks like a mitten, or a cartoony hand with four fingers, but not a real hand. Still have to draw my hand in two other positions to complete this assignment.

What's your take on puns? Love 'em? Leave 'em?


  1. No puns for me...but I love your hand! I do stick people hands. Very poorly, at that.

  2. My drawing tutor always said you will never be stuck for something to draw, becuase you can draw your other hand. I think there is one on my Blog somewhere. I ought to get into the habit of drawing every day, I do enjoy it.