Thursday, November 4, 2010

Begin Again, Finnegan

A gold star for me! That's my familiar, Ink, and me in the illustration. I'm wearing my Jack O'Lantern shirt.  A darker color blob made an interesting shape that looked like a cape. Not my hair blowing in the wind. My hair isn't that long. Gouache, Sharpie marker, crayons, and stickers. Lettering needs to be added.

And why did I award myself a gold star? I did not eat any Halloween candy. That's right! Not a morsel passed through my lips. I asked Himself to buy a bag of Reese's Cups to hand out to the Trick or Treaters. I don't like Reese's Cups. Adding peanut butter is a waste of perfectly good chocolate in my opinion. So it was very easy for me to stay away from the pumpkin treat bucket.

Week 5. Another week where I plateaued. I didn't expect this to happen so quickly. Deep sigh. Forlorn look.

How was your week?

1 comment:

  1. You inspired me to walk on the treadmill again today. :)

    Love the picture.