Monday, November 1, 2010


Another study of hands. I found the left hand exceedingly difficult to draw. Just couldn't "see" the shapes and get my head and pencil to go around them. Barbie says, "drawing hands is hard." I'll set it aside and come back to it later.

Have you found a task difficult to comprehend and execute? Do you just plow through it or, do you set it aside for a later time?


  1. I love the new directions you're taking with your art. :)

    I tend to plow through. It's my nature, advance, advance, nary a retreat!

  2. I love seeing your methods. It's inspiring.

    If I get frustrated, I walk away for a while. But if I'm just scared I won't get it, I force myself to keep trying.

  3. Great question!

    It depends on whether the task is something that MUST be accomplished, or how passionate I am about said thing. If it's something close to my heart I plow through.

    Love your hands, BTW!