Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Counting Blessings

The teapot was the last gift she gave to her mother on Mother's Day. It was not the usual color for her mother. Her mother was fond of pink, but her mother had some blue dishes and wanted a teapot to go with them. Her mother enjoyed the teapot. Enjoyed having it on display. Her mother passed away a couple of years ago. She was having a hard time sorting through her mother's things and letting go. Her mother was her best friend. It just didn't seem right to give away all her things. The teapot caught her eye, and she thought of me. I was her mother's godchild. The color blue associated with me. She said it just seemed right for me to have the teapot. She knew her mother would have wanted it that way. So the teapot now sits in my curio cabinet. A lovely reminder of a gentle lady, and good times our families shared.

Do you have a cherished memento from a special person from your life?


  1. I love that story. :)

    Have missed chatting with you. Hope we can catch up tonight.

  2. Growing up I developed a close bond with an older couple at church. When I got married, the woman didn't have much money to buy me gift--so she gave me her nativity set. I definitely cherish it!

  3. Love that story!

    I have a few special things, not worth a lot to anyone but me, from my hubby's grandmother and from my great aunt, both very special ladies to me.