Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

The weather dudes have been having a field day with the forecast. Two storms merging and coming up the East Coast. The weather maps are pegging snow totals at 12 -18 inches. At 7pm, 450 school districts had already cancelled school. (It hasn't even started snowing yet). The governor declared a state of emergency and ordered all non-essential state workers to stay home. So, it's official we're having a snow day.

Tuesday, the SyFy channel ran the original Green Hornet television series marathon. I was out and running about, but the The Young One recorded the marathon for me. So, I'll be spending the bulk of my snow day watching Kato (Bruce Lee) and the Green Hornet (Van Williams). Ever notice how superheroes/crime fighters work in the newspaper industry? (Think Clark Kent, Peter Parker, and Britt Reid) Cool occupations or access to information? I think that needs mulling over with some popcorn. Hope we don't lose electricity.

How do you spend a snow day?


  1. We haven't had any snow days this year, but I'd like to spend it with a cup of hot coffee and a good book. Reality is that it would involve a lot of Disney Channel and playing with plastic horses with my son. Come to think of it, the second one is better anyway. :)

  2. Weather dudes, LOL! Love it! When it snows here we definitely stay inside and go stir crazy. Since we homeschool, the kids don't really even get a day off. Hee hee, I'm tough like that!

  3. Selfishly, I love snow days. Feel bad for the people who do still have to get out and get to work. But it just feels like a free day, we do games and movies and then shoveling.

  4. Reading, writing, talking on the phone with people who are also having a snow day....