Friday, January 28, 2011

The Friday Five

Another snowstorm Wednesday night dumped 18 more inches of snow on top of the two feet we already had. Some thoughts about snow.

1. The only places snow should be seen are on mountain tops, picture postcards of mountain tops, and Christmas cards.

2. To all the snow lovers, too much of a good thing is not a good thing

3. When the snow is piled higher than your head, it's impossible to heave the snow on top of the snow bank without snow blowing back in your face or creating an avalanche.

4. Pointing out to me that it's a light fluffy snow to shovel is like pointing out that a dry heat climate is easier to tolerate than a hot and humid climate. 18 inches of snow is still a lot to shovel and 110 degrees F. is still pretty darn hot.

5. Bears have the good sense to sleep through the snow and cold. We should take a hint from nature.

Are you a snow lover or do you hate the snow?


  1. Hi CJ! I'm waving from the tops of our snowbanks. I think I can see you!

    I am still a snow lover, but I freely admit it is only because I am blessed not to be a snow shoveler.

  2. I loved the snow as a kid, not so much now. Not to brag or anything but it's supposed to get to 55 today which will melt a lot of this white stuff. I think the worst part about winter is the absence of leaves on the trees- they just look so barren. Must retire to a warmer climate.

  3. I not only don't like the snow...I loathe the snow. And to the global warming fanatics I say, "Come shovel all the global warming out of my driveway."

    Thankfully this year we are not inundated. Last year we couldn't catch a break.

  4. Not so much to the snow...I'm more of a summer girl. :)

  5. Uggh! I'm with you. Too much of a good thing isn't a good thing when it results in endless winter. I would love to hibernate!

  6. I'd love a good snow once a year. In Texas, we are lucky if we get a light dusting once a year, so a good foot of it would be a nice change.

    It is 70 degrees here today and I laid on a blanket in the sun today, reading a book I just got from the library. Sooooo nice!