Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ground Hog's Day

Punxatawney Phil, the rodent who is ripped from his burrow to predict whether Spring will arrive early or not, predicted we will have an early Spring. I think Phil was coerced into giving an early Spring prediction. From my back door, Phil would have had to claw his way through the snow. I'm betting from the looks of the Devil's Tower structure in the back yard (it used to be the picnic table), it would take Phil 6 months to poke his nose above the snow line.

We're getting desperate. Send chocolate!

Happy Ground Hog's Day, Imbolc, Candlemas, Feb 2. or whatever you celebrate. What's the weather like out your back door?


  1. Ha! Your view looks very similar to ours. My hubby had to dig a tunnel through the snow for our mini-wienie dog to go potty!

  2. Groundhog day has always confused me. Around here, if spring comes in six weeks, it is early. We have a winter storm that hits during BB playoffs (almost) every year the first week or so of March.

    Here's hoping you have enough chocolate to see you through this storm and may your power stay on!

  3. At the moment it is -5 with the wind chill and the pipes are all frozen solid. Who knew it could be so cold with the sun out?

  4. Georgiana, you win the stinky weather award. Hope you didn't get too much damage.

  5. Ah groundhog day, one of my favourite films of all time.
    Actually its very Spring-like here, with sun and green things emerging!

  6. Kath, my eyes just turned green! (-;