Friday, February 18, 2011

The Friday Five

The second Strathmore Visual Journal Online Workshop ,"Start Where You Are", is scheduled to begin on 1. March. 2001 (Plenty of time to sign up. Workshops are self-paced and the workshop classroom will remain open until August. Click on the link to sign up. Workshops are free!) Instructor, Linda Blinn,  has asked students to make a list of things to be used as journaling topics. She has suggested students use the five senses.

This week's five and the first of my homework assignments. Five sounds I like to hear:

1. Thunder. I love that deep base crack so loud it reverberates through your body sending a thrill and a trickle of fear through you at the same time. As a kid, we lived in the testing flight path for jet planes and I loved when the pilots would break through the sound barrier. You'd feel the shock wave break from you feet to your heart. I also love the sound of rolling thunder. Every summer, hundreds of motorcyclists come roaring by the house on the way to and from a swap meet.

2. I love the call of mourning doves. When The Eldest was four she would sit on the front steps and call back to the bird. Yooo-Hooo!

3. The sound of rain on the aluminum sun room roof is comforting.

4.  Cats purring.

5. I love to hear my girls laughing and talking.

And a bonus sound: I love silence. It's the way I work best.

What are your favorite sounds to hear?


  1. Laughter, music, the soft sound of rain in the grass, the cascade of M&M's into a glass bowl.

  2. The sound of babies chewing bananas. I also like the sound of rain on a roof. When I was little it sounded like applause. Yes, I imagined it was for me ;)

  3. Erica, M&Ms in a glass bowl! How delicious!

    Georgiana, The Eldest had a stuffed kookaburra that would laugh when you squeezed it. She was out in the sunroom while it was raining telling jokes, squeezing the kookaburra to make it laugh and then saying "Thank you." to the applause. LOL