Thursday, February 3, 2011


I usually don't re-do work done in a workshop setting. I try to absorb the lessons and incorporate them in later work. I decided to re-do the journal page done for the first Strathmore journal class which finished last week. I was disappointed with the way the piece turned out by following the directions. It was fine for a first draft. The idea for the piece really resonated with me as it's been a tough two weeks as I struggle to wrestle and tame the dragon.

Since the lesson was about recycling art work there was no problem to start over again. A couple of slight moderations had to be made as I used all the  knight stamps I had. Since the page was washed over with gesso, the pastel stamps really faded into the background. Happily I found a clipart knight I liked. I used a more medieval background tissue paper and since the colors were a little too bright, I used the gesso wash on this before adding the collage elements. I also changed the color of the dragon hoping to give it a more menacing look. Though the pink and baby blue colors in the scan make the dragon look girly instead of the deep blue, red, and black coloring.
 The text in the "chain mail" background: If you can't stand the heat and is finished in the knights' banners: Don't tickle the dragon. The rest of the text: How do you tame the dragon without killing it or getting burned?

I'm really pleased with the final page. This one is definitely me.

How many drafts do you do until you get a final piece you are pleased with?

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